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Whatever means of assembly your project requires, Lane Company can handle the job. We’re experienced in assembling parts we have produced with components supplied by our clients, and use a variety of methods and options to ensure the best possible connection.

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Our Assembly Methods

Solvent Gluing

Solvent gluing, also called solvent bonding, is one of many methods of adhesive bonding for joining two or more plastic parts. A solvent is applied to the plastics, softening the polymers. The parts are then clamped together and, when the solvent dissolves, the plastics are joined. Solvent gluing is especially useful in the assembly of clear plastic displays, as the connection is transparent and non-yellowing.

UV Gluing

UV gluing is another method of achieving invisible plastics bonding. In UV gluing, the plastic components are covered in a polymer adhesive that dries only when exposed to UV light at a particular wavelength. This “cures” the UV glue in seconds, making UV gluing a popular bonding method for both speed and consistency.

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is a bonding technique that uses high-frequency vibrations (ultrasonic waves) to instantaneously seal two thermoplastics together under precise pressure. The resulting bond is remarkably clean, with a superior strength that is rivaled only by raw materials formed together during the initial manufacturing process. Ultrasonic welding is ideal for applications that require a high degree of structural strength and integrity.

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